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Welcome to the dropcalc FAQ.


Q. What is this?

A. This is what is known as a drop calc system. It is used in conjunction with the game Lineage II. (The open source, Java based version rather than the retail one.) As the virtual world of Lineage II is a large one, systems like this are used to help the player locate various creatures or objects that are needed to progress in the game.


Q. Is there a charge for using it?

A. That depends on the administrators of the particular server that this program is being used on.


Q. Will I see monsters that have no spawns?

A. No. The drop calc will only show you monsters that actually have locations that are live in the game. The drop calc can be used by administrators to find monsters that are not active, to help with adding more monsters in to the live playing field, but everyday users of the drop calc will not see these.


Q. Spawns show as two numbers. Why?

A. Later versions of Lineage II Java game enabled a system whereby a monster can have a variety of spawn points in the world, but would only spawn in a restricted number of them. For example, the Varikan Brigand Leader has five possible places to spawn in, but will only be at one of them. Thus he is shown as 1/5. Some monsters, however, only spawn in the day or the night, so there are separate figures for them.


Q. Are there any oddities?

A. Yes, there are. There are some monsters that show up on a particular place on a map, but when teleporting in to that area, the pointer on the players map can show a completely different location. Things like this are not only rare, but the areas concerned are also only reachable by transporters, so there isn't really much to worry over.


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