Plugins make Girder what it is. They support a great variety of hardware, enable or disable the ones you need or do not need.

Available Plugins

Plugin ID Plugin Name Status Load/Unload 242Generic SerialNot Loaded
211TaskSwitchLoaded (E)
61DLPort IO ExtensionsNot Loaded
75USB-UIRT driverNot Loaded
153PowerLinc USB PluginNot Loaded
250Global CacheLoaded (E)
251Generic Internet Plugin (GIP)Not Loaded
157Diamond Key PluginNot Loaded
222Device Notify driverLoaded (E)
254SlinkENot Loaded
112SendMessageLoaded (NE)
161Generic X10 RemotesNot Loaded
193Window ConditionalLoaded (NE)
113CopyDataLoaded (NE)
261xAP AutomationNot Loaded
228Mouse ControlLoaded (NE)
10014CM15ANot Loaded
231Zip ExtensionsLoaded (NE)
69X10-CM1XNot Loaded
232Communication ServerLoaded (E)
25WinLIRCLoaded (E)
29Streamzap PC RemoteNot Loaded
202KeyboardLoaded (E)
235SchedulerLoaded (E)
236Lua Misc Function LibraryNot Loaded
138Monitor APM ExtensionsLoaded (NE)
122SimpleTimerNot Loaded
36WebServerLoaded (NE)
212TaskCreateLoaded (E)
144Audio Mixer (Sound)Loaded (E)
239HIDNot Loaded
201UIR/IRman/IRA/CTInfra/Hollywood+ PluginNot Loaded
83IRTrans PluginNot Loaded
243Tree ScriptLoaded (E)