Did you know that the Promixis webserver 2.0 follows the HTTP/1.1 standard and thus allows for fully cachable pages? What does that mean for you? It means that pages load faster!

SSL Encryption

The server has support for SSL encryption, the same feature that allows you to transfer credit card data securely over the internet!

Promixis Girder Webserver Access

Welcome to the Promixis Girder Webserver interface. This webserver is a fully featured implementation of HTTP/1.1. It uses the same scripting langauge that Girder uses and in fact anything you can access in Girder from Lua you can access from the scripts inside webpages! Securely access Girder from across the globe!

Some of the feature highlights

  • HTTP 1.1 compatible
  • Secure Transmissions (https://)
  • Fully supports caching for faster page loads
  • Data Compression for faster page loads
  • Directory level access controls
  • Integrated Scripting with full Girder access
  • Virtual Servers.

Take a minute to look at the example pages included with Girder they show you how to use this server to it's full potential. Also when you start writing your own pages please do not put them in the Girder\httpd directory, these are sure to be lost during installs or upgrades.

HTTP 1.1 compatible

The webserver follows the HTTP/1.1 standard as defined in RFC 2616. This means that all browsers will work with this server.

Secure Transmissions

The server supports encrypted (https) connections securely encryption all data that travels over the internet. The encryption used the same as the encryption used by banks and when using your credit card on the internet.


Caching is important for you to improve the page load speeds even on slow connections, it instructs the browser not to reload images and pages if they have not changed since the last time the browser downloaded them.

Data Compressions

Typically this decreases the data transmission by a factor of 2 but can acchieve up to 10 times smaller data sizes, thus increasing your page load speed!

Directory Level Access Controls

If needed this server can limit access to specific directories to any number of users defined in a file called ___access.txt. This gives you the power to makes public pages and private pages on your webserver.

Lua Scripting

This makes this server extremely powerfull. It has full access to the Girder Lua Scripting engine and can do anything you can do directly from Girder.

Virtual Servers

When hosting a website at a webhosting company you typically share that particular server with hundreds of other websites. Now you have this ability at home with this server. Simply edit the hosts.txt file to change which files should be shown depending on which hostname was used in the URL. Of course make sure that all the host names you'll use are defined in the DNS records or hosts file in the windows directory.